Kyle and Family Kyle Waters for Utah House District 51

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Self reliance through education, health, and opportunity.


Education is an important key to success in our modern economy. Our public schools are accomplishing amazing things with the resources they have. As your state representative I will work to make sure all Utah children will be have the skills they need to be competitive in the modern marketplace.

Local Control

I support our locally elected school districts and as your state representative will focus on funding those school districts, not micromanaging them.


I am a strong supporter of STEM programs and curriculum. I have a STEM career as a software engineer. I am a volunteer coach of the FIRST Lego league junior team at Draper Elementary. STEM education should not be pursued to the exclusion of arts and music, culture is important. We also need to support vocational careers, are society can not survive with out these essential careers.


Healthy Utahns will be better able to provide for themselves. As your state representative I will support several health related initiatives including

Clean Air

Our unique geography creates a problematic pollution scenario, one that often affects our state's air quality in worse ways than in other larger urban areas. Because vehicle emissions are responsible for more than half of Utah's air pollution, we need to look seriously at policy solutions that will reduce those emissions, such as stricter emissions standards (higher fuel-efficiency standards), incentives for purchasing/driving fuel efficient vehicles, anti-idling ordinances, lower speed limits, limited freeway construction, and effective mass transit and bicycling alternatives. We also need policy measures that encourage less driving, such as free public transit days, carpooling incentives, and development of walkable communities.

I also support efforts to increase public awareness about the causes and effects of air pollution and I endorse funding of campaigns to educate people on measures they can take as individuals to improve our air quality.

Healthy Utah

Health issues prevent many Utahns from being self reliant. I support providing health care to those who are too sick to work. I also support providing health care to Utah's working poor so that they can continue to get healthy and seek better jobs.

Improved Access to Mental Health Treatments

Mental health can be as detrimental to self reliance as physical health issues. I support increasing access to mental health professionals for students and residents of Utah. I support recent initiatives to focus more on treatment rather than imprisonment for drug addicts.

Health Education Initiatives

I support efforts to educate Utah students and residents about how to live healthier lives based off the newest science.


I come from a family of business owners, and will work with small businesses to help them grow. Members of the state legislature also work with businesses outside of Utah to convince them to locate here. As a software engineers I have the background to bring some of the most sought after jobs to Utah.

About Me

I am a fifth generation Utahn and a descendant of Thomas Draper. I attended public schools in Layton and received my Bachelor's degree in Government and Technology from Utah State University. I currently works as a software engineer.

I has always demonstrated a commitment to community and have given many volunteer hours to diverse organizations over the years, including public schools, community education programs, various youth programs such as Big Brother, and domestic violence shelters. I currently volunteer as a coach of the Draper Elementary Lego team, a coach of a Draper city soccer team, and executive committee member of the LDS Democratic Caucus.

I live in Draper with my wife, Jenn, and our three children, Sophie, Summer and Seth. I can often be seen bicycling Draper's city trails or playing at the city park with my family. I grew up camping and hiking our state's beautiful national parks, and still visits most of them of them each year.